Legal Services

Building lasting client relationships while looking for ways to help solve problems instead of creating more of them.

We offer a wide range of legal services at Odenbach Law Office.

Contract and Leases

I have helped numerous clients over the years ensure that their contracts and leases are clearly drafted and accurately express the intent of the parties involved. Anybody can pull a form out of the drawer. The added value of  an attorney is to help you ensure that all parties know their rights and responsibilities. Paying for a good contract on the “front end” saves time, money and potential conflict later.

Business and Banking

I have represented numerous businesses and banks over the years work out issues with customers, government agencies, clients or other parties with whom we do business.

Estate Planning and Probates

Good estate planning begins with caring about your clients’ values and their desires for how to effectively handle their estate. You’ve worked a lifetime to earn what you have. Planning via trusts, wills and power of attorney documents can ensure that your heirs and loved ones know your wishes and are not burdened with major decisions in the future. I have assisted numerous families including farmers and ranchers, small business people and retirees in putting together a smart estate plan that effectively articulates their wishes.

Land Use and Real Estate Transactions

As a licensed Real Estate broker in South Dakota, Scott brings a unique perspective to your real estate situations. Often, a real estate transaction is the biggest purchase or sale of your lifetime. Effectively helping clients navigate the steps required to get it right is important and comes with experience. From examining buyer’s and seller’s statements to ensure every dollar is correctly apportioned, to making sure conveyance documents are correct is what we do. Scott has also been involved in representing major property management firms for over 10 years, and can help you navigate issues involving HUD, rural development, landlord-tenant and leasehold issues, to name a few.


Previous to opening his practice in Spearfish, Scott served as Assistant General Counsel to the Florida Department of Education, with a major focus on employment issues in Florida’s largest government agency. If you have issues as an employee where you have been treated unfairly by an employer, or if you’re a business owner or manager with questions concerning how to handle work-place issues with employees, Scott would put his experience to work for you.


Scott has been involved in numerous debtor-creditor issues including foreclosures, demand letters and disputes over unpaid debts. The first step is usually finding out what the agreement was between the parties, and then seeing if we can resolve the issue by effectively communicating why the client is entitled to the remedy they are seeking.

Elder Law Issues

Scott has a particular interest in issues involving elderly people, from navigating issues with their children and their estates, to housing issues and problems that sometimes arise regarding government benefits. Scott brings a respect for the wisdom and experience possessed by our elders, and enjoys working with them. A good sense of humor generally goes a long way in this area of the law.

Farm and Ranch

Scott grew up farming with his family near Eureka, South Dakota and owns farmland there today. His family is actively engaged in farming. Scott’s experience dealing with all aspects of the farm and ranch way of life can be put to work to help you navigate your particular situation, combining the perspective of an attorney and somebody who’s seen firsthand what you go through to make a living on the land.


Scott majored in political science at South Dakota State University and has worked for state government agencies, as well as members of both the U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate. Scott has also been involved in numerous political campaigns and knows how government works, from the local and county commission level up to the highest levels of the U.S. Federal Government. This experience and his contacts may be a valuable tool to assist you in your issues with all levels of government, and Scott would look forward to the challenge.